Tern Technologies is a distributor for Pruftechnik products in Alaska and Hawaii. These products feature high dependability, integration, and come in a range of options for your applications. Learn more about the product lines from Pruftechnik we are able to provide by clicking below.

Laser Shaft Alignment Systems

Pruftechnik features laser shaft alignment systems that come in standard and mobile forms.

Some options include:

  • Cloud-enabled shaft alignment
  • Intelligent platforms
  • Alignment used on tablet and smartphones

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Pruftechnik’s cloud-enabled laser shaft alignment system comes in connectivity and fully-featured versions.

Some of the foremost features include:

  • Alignment reliability software
  • Soft foot diagnosis
  • A horizontal and vertical move simulator
  • Multi-coupling shaft measurement

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Optalign Touch

The alignment system for basically any maintenance workshop.

  • Touchscreen display
  • WiFi compatible
  • Bluetooth communication between sensor head and computer
  • Water- and dustproof according to IP 65
  • Shock-proof, oil, dirt and scratch resistant
  • SensALIGN 5 laser/sensor heads

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Shaft alignment is fast and efficient with SHAFTALIGN OS3.

  • Alignment of horizontal, vertical and flange-mounted machines
  • Easy to use with autoflow
  • Automatic measurement mode active clock eliminates user error
  • Automatic evaluation of alignment condition with smiley
  • Flip machines functionality
  • Save reports as PDF directly onto a USB stick
  • Bluetooth communication included

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Laser shaft alignment on tablets and smartphones that is mobile, connected, and convenient.

  • For Apple and Android devices
  • Fully wireless with Bluetooth
  • Intuitive touch operation
  • Alignment condition with smiley
  • Email PDF report or upload to web

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Condition Monitoring Systems

Among other offerings, Pruftechnik has a line of portable and permanent systems used for condition monitoring. These systems are data collectors, ultrasonic testing devices, vibration analyzers, and balancers.

Systems include:

  • VibXpert II

To view all Pruftechnik condition monitoring systems, click here.

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VibXpert II

VIBXPERT II is an all-in-one data collector, vibration analyzer and field balancer based on latest technology.

  • Fastest measurements using trending spectra
  • User-friendly and intuitive operation
  • Powerful analysis and diagnostic tools for machine trouble shooting
  • Automatic switchbox support
  • Long-lived battery

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VIBSCANNER II – Data Collector 

This product from Pruftechnik is a high-speed, precision data collector system.

Its features include:

  • Triaxial data acquisition, in real time
  • Shock-proof, high-contrast, and glove-enabled touch display screen
  • Minimum measuring time

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The VIBGUARD from Pruftechnik is an advanced online condition monitoring system.

The system includes these features:

  • WiFi ready solutions
  • Easy integration to control systems
  • Continuous monitoring options
  • 20 parallel channels

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Ultrasonic testing device for leak detection.

SONOCHEK is a new-generation ultrasonic testing device primarily used to detect leaks in industrial air and gas pressure pipes and vacuum systems.

  • Large frequency bandwidth of 20 to 100 kHz
  • Pipe leak detection, electrical inspection, steam trap inspection
  • Leak analysis and evaluation of the amount of loss
  • Monitoring of ultrasound in rotating machine parts e.g. bearings

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EDDYTHERM Induction Bearing Heaters

Pruftechnik has a range of induction heating systems.

Options for induction bearing heaters include:

  • EDDYTHERM portable heaters for bearings up to 10 kg
  • EDDYTHERM 2X heaters with swivel arms for smaller or midsize bearings
  • EDDYTHERM 4X heaters for heavier workpieces, with capacities up to 300 kg

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Efficient, time-saving single operator laser pulley alignment system that prolongs machine life.

  • Efficient and easy: one-person operation
  • Time-saving: displays parallel offset, vertical and horizontal angle corrections all at once with only one system set-up
  • No cross-check: measure once and correct
  • Reduces vibration and belt noise
  • Reduces downtime and energy costs
  • Prolongs belt, pulley and bearing life

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