• Metrology
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3D Metrology

  • Faro Laser Tracker with 25m Range
  • Fast and Accurate Measurements
  • Dimensional Verification of Large Assemblies Such As Rotors and Casings
  • Machine Leveling


Rotating equipment engineering services and consulting to include, but not limited to:

  • Engineering Personnel for Short and Long Term Projects or Positions
  • Supervision of Turbo Machinery Overhaul, Repair, Inspection, Installation, and Quality Control
  • Turbo Machinery Design, Design Revision and Procurement Services
  • Machinery Vibration Analysis, and Operational Analysis
  • Machinery Mechanical Evaluation, Modeling, Flow Analysis/Aerodynamics, and Rotor Dynamics Services and Consulting
  • Turbo Machinery Life Assessment and Assessment of Technology
  • Turbo Machinery Forensic Investigation Why The Failure Happened (WTFH)
  • Digital Measurement, Data Collection, Analysis and Training
  • Modeling (CAD) Applications and Training


Lube Oil Flushing & Purification

  • High Velocity Oil Flushing
  • High Velocity Chemical Cleaning
  • On-Site Fluid Purification
  • System Decontamination and Condition Monitoring
  • Maintenance Shutdowns or Emergency Outages
  • Frontline Global
  • High Purity Northwest

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Optical Gas Imaging and Infrared Thermography

  • Set Up a Program at Facilities that are 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 60 Subpart Compliant
  • Identifying Leak Locations
  • Comprehensive Reports with Repair Recommendations and Follow Up
  • Video Recording of Leaks
  • Aerial Surveying from Drones or Helicopters