NaftoSense – Utilizing Contact Based Leak Detection Methods for Pipeline, Tank, and Plant Monitoring

Installation Applications:

Micro-drilling Vertical / diagonal port for ground monitoring around buried assets

  • Areal / Suspended Equipment–“Wrapping” Utilizing cables to monitor exposed transfer equipment with high probability of leakage above ground level.
  • Ground-based Equipment Utilizing cables to monitor a linear installation covering equipment from ground level. Perimeter of tanks, containment berms, pumps, etc…
  • Oil on Water Vertical sensor in slotted tube or attached to wall of sump, basin, containment area.
  • Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD) Critical area passage, water crossing.
  • Linear Pipeline Segmented critical area passage, population, water, sensitive land.

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  • Set Up a Program at Facilities that are 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 60 Subpart Compliant
  • Identifying Leak Locations
  • Comprehensive Reports with Repair Recommendations and Follow Up
  • Video Recording of Leaks
  • Aerial Surveying from Drones or Helicopters